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Buying your property can be a frustrating process. 

Even with technological advancements, you could find yourself ending up with fruitless viewings or ‘swang’ around showflats largely because you meet realtors who do not listen to you. 

Often, salespersons avoid thorough searches and lengthy viewing sessions because they weigh the time spent with their profit margins.

Or worse, they take you around showflats that they are authorised to sell even if they know that another development could fit you better.

Here, we think otherwise.

We believe your needs are unique and all details deserve attention. 

We are very clear that when we represent you, only your interest matters. 

We listen to your wants over one or two meet ups before heading out for viewings because we respect your time and your concurrent priorities.

The process from selection to decision can be a bliss when you partner your search with us. 

Step 1
Loan Eligibility Assessment

We bridge you with your financiers and make the process easy for you.

Through our banking partners, you have access to more than 16 banks in Singapore.

For HDB purchases, even if HDB Loan is your preferred option, we will encourage and guide you through the application.

If a mortgage loan is needed, then having an approval in place is an important step before shortlisting your options.

Step 2
Sift through Listings
On your own, you probably find this step the most annoying. 
You set your eyes on the photos displayed to you through different advertisement mediums but face disappointments after disappointments that these homes are no longer on sale, put on hold, or worse, all but the same flats or houses just taken from different directions. 
Throw this time- wasting, frustrating process to us. 
Let us make the calls and we will produce to you a neat list of homes fit and available for you to view. 
All that is required from you is to run through this list and put a check on those you want to proceed or view. 
Step 3
Heading Out

We believe that viewings should be efficient and productive. 

Therefore, when needed, we go to the extent of hiring a personal chauffer for you so that we can cover as many homes as we can on one trip. <br/>

With our extensive coverage on one session coupled with the process of shortlisting discussed earlier, it should not take long before you find your dream home. <br/>

Steo 4
Financial Advice
Very often, property owners finally breathe relief to a fully paid home one day only discovering after that there is little left for their other financial goals.
It is crucial to buy a home within your financial means. 
But the true definition of financial means goes beyond loan eligibility calculations. 
Here at Pegasus, we partner an Independent Financial Adviser to work along side with and for you. 
Only if you are willing, we nudge you towards comprehensive financial planning as a preliminary step because we believe that home ownership planning is but a subset of your overall financial blueprint. 
We are eager to build your home on sturdy financial foundations and only a comprehensive financial planner is fit to advice you on the possible financial risks you should know before making your purchase. 
Step 5
Price Evaluation
From the units shortlisted, we go one step further by comparing the asking prices with the recent transactions. We show you in percentage how much these asking prices deviate from the transacted and let you make an informed decision if you still want to view.
Step 6
Administrative Matters
The last few steps to the purchase process may seem to be of least importance but it actually calls for no relaxation.
We monitor the purchase process for you by being the main contact between your banker, lawyer, valuer, sometimes even your renovation contractor.
In short, there is no rest for us till you collect your keys.


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