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Who Do We Look For

We are hungry for like minded practitioners or individuals who too agree that real estate advices can make or break someone or some families' financial future. Any recommendations we made are never take lightly. If our belief resonate with your and if you too aspire to be a real estate advisor of high professionalism and integrity, we welcome you to be part of our family.

Our Trainings

Here, we equipped you with the knowledge and skills to siphon yourself from the noise in the marketplace and be able to provide information to your clients through critical research and thinking. Our trainings are modular based and customised for each associate based on their strengths, areas of interest or geographical presentations. For examples, you may want to focus on luxury condominiums in prime district. Our mentors will then equip you with the necessary skill set to navigate each challenging market.

Holistic Knowledge

Real estate advisory encompasses knowledge beyond properties. We partner with financial advisors, mortgage brokers, asset management specialist, lawyers, trust specialists etc to expose you to breadth of information so you are more than ready to service different levels and needs of clients.

New To The Career?

New to the industry, fear not, for we have in place a stream of assignments that can help you jumpstart your career and maintain a decent income stream while you strive for excellence for your clients.


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