Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to form a lifelong , professional and profitable partnership with you
by always placing your interest as our top priority.

All our advisors are licensed with the Council of Estate Agents (Singapore).  Each advisor will have to undergo our in house training to familiarize themselves with the relevant sector.  All junior advisors will be mentored and supervised by a senior manager or director.

Besides offering unbiased advise to your sales and purchase decision, our advisors will be able to assist you in tenancy procurement and management.  For investors, our services will save you an enormous amount of time compared to managing on your own.  See also FOR LANDLORD section for more details.

Besides buying, selling and renting, we have our own mortgage specialist to assist you in getting the best loan deal right now.  
We also provide periodic updates to you on the market outlook and forecast.  Listen in to our regular webinars to get a better insight of how the market is performing and what Pegasus can do for you.  You may register in the FOR KNOWLEDGE section.

You may register via the link here.  Our advisors will be contacting you for a non-obligatory conversation to find out more about your needs and wants.

While agent commissions are negotiable, we recommend the market rates for all our services. Find out how we can add value to your listing or purchase when you speak to our advisors.  Our value added services is usually worth more than what our competitors can provide.

At Pegasus, we provide plenty of value added services and consistently seek to upgrade and progress.  For your listings, we will be able to utilize technology for pictures enhancement, virtual tours and video presentations.
Please check out our other value added services in the categories FOR SALE, FOR RENT, FOR LANDLORD and FOR TENANT.


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