Sell Through Us

Engaging with us to sell your property ensures that you achieve its best value.
We utilize modern technology to ensure the purchasers receives the best perspective of your home.
Let us take you through our listing tools and processes that will ensure the maximum outreach for each listing we sell.


When you choose Pegasus Property to sell your home, you will first meet with a representative of our concierge team. 
Our concierge will do a walk through with you and recommend the marketing strategies catered for you. We aim to launch your property with a blast, maximizing its reach and impact. With this walk through, you will also be briefed on the sales process and relevant transaction costs.
We may then agree on a marketing plan and commence the sales process.

Pre-Listing Preparation

This involves setting up the home such as painting the walls, decluttering the home and making good any visible defects etc.
The home is where the heart is and we know you want to give the best first impression to any potential buyer.

Market Valuation

Most buyers would like to know the valuation of their homes and most sellers would not like to sell below market value.
As such, we recommend engaging a certified valuer to appraise your property to determine its market value before listing it for sale.

Professional Photography

Pictures say a thousand words. It is recommended to use professional photography to create the ideal perspective of your home.  
After all, would you not like your home to look as good as a show-flat unit?

Listing Video

Motion picture with music and annotation enhances the feel it gives to a prospective buyer. 
It is one of the most useful tool to draw a stronger response for an open house or viewing.  
Videos can also act as a memento after the sale of your house as many fond memories are built here over time.

Virtual Staging

Sometimes our house is just too cluttered with personal belongings.  The lack of storage space may be challenging for some households to remove their stuff. 
When encountered with such challenges, our listing team will assist to do virtual staging in order to present a different perspective on how the home can look like after renovation or when the house is decluttered.

Virtual Tours

At Pegasus Property, we are constantly enhancing our tool set to bring the latest marketing tools for our clients. Virtual tours are the modern way to display a home with its 3D effect.  It can also present the unit layout in a way which static pictures cannot achieve. (Condo unit in Lavender) (RENTED) (HDB unit in Bukit Panjang) (SOLD) (HDB unit in Sengkang) (FOR SALE) Three Bedroom Condo in Hougang (FOR SALE)

Market Exposure

To ensure that we maximise the exposure for your unit, the listing will be advertised online in all the major property portals such as propertyguru,, SRX, the edge and iproperty etc. In addition, our clients get the opportunity to market their private listings on the largest overseas portal for Chinese buyers. Selected listings will also feature on our social media platforms, youtube channel and shared during our webinars.

Conduct Viewings

Our listing team member will arrange with you and conduct the viewings at scheduled appointments.  After each viewing, our lister will send you a summary text message to keep you informed of the feedback from the potential buyer. The feedback will allow us to make adjustments to the marketing campaign if needed.


Would you like to engage in this emotional roller coaster on your own ?  Very often, we found that deals are not closed or take too long because either the expectations of a seller and buyer cannot be matched.   If you want to sell your home promptly, it is important to price it correctly from the onset.  Engaging in verbal battles with buyers or their agents can be tiring and time consuming. Let our team of experienced negotiators guard your interest and balance it against your sales timeline and requirements.


While this task is usually carried out by solicitors, we will be able to walk through the process with our clients. Being able to present a well written Option to purchase will safeguard your interest and prevent legal challenges that may occur if you use a standardized document.

Follow through

The whole sales process will be followed through by our listing team members.  We thank you for your trust in engaging us for the sale of your beautiful home.


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